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Books and publications documenting our marine and coastal heritage by Robert Simper

Creekside Publishing was formed in 1992 by Robert and Pearl Simper. Their books are the result of endless travelling, research and sailing on as many traditional types of boats as possible. This travel has always included taking photographs, which have become increasingly important for illustration work.

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Coast in the past series

This series attempts to recapture this long gone age when ships worked under sail and every small port was alive with sailing ships. Using photographs and informative, easy to read descriptions, it is a glimpse of an age, which vanished quite suddenly once engines were introduced.

English Estuary Series

This classic series of photographic books has become a highly acclaimed series. They cover the history of the rivers of Eastern England, the craft and personalities on them.


Robert Simper was born in Suffolk and has lived there all his life. He is very well known for his books on the East Coast and one of Britain’s best-known writers on traditional working boats.

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